Universities Professional Development

Management, Coordination, Sustainability and Dissemination

These Work Packages will be implemented by all participating universities to ensure that the objectives set for Work Packages 3, 4 and 5 are achieved in a measurable and repeatable way, to facilitate the development of an innovative and enduring infrastructure.

The Aurora Alliance Vision

To develop European graduate students who are willing and able to tackle the most challenging issues that society faces

01 Management and Coordination

This must be the first WP undertaken to ensure solid foundations for the follow-on learning.

WP 1.1


Ensure that all aurora governance and management bodies are operational and supported. Also, WP1 ensures that all decision and conflict resolution mechanisms are in place

WP 1.2


Ensure reciprocal information suited to the implementation of the Aurora Alliance programme

WP 1.3


Keep track of and ensure adequate feedback on execution of tasks and achievement of deliverables.

WP 1.4

Financial Management

Ensure effective, efficient, and legitimate allocation and accounting of resources

02 Quality Management

This Work Package must be undertaken before the substantive learning to ensure quality throughout.

WP 2.1

Quality System

An integrated quality management system, in which all work package teams and all activity teams share responsibility.

WP 2.2

Quality Culture

An integrated quality management system, in which all work package teams and all activity teams share responsibility.

WP 2.3

Internal Quality Evaluation

Regular assessments of all tasks, processes, and deliverables.

WP 2.4

External Quality Monitoring

The quality team gives critical review externally. The Alliance management will regularly coordinate and communicate with the external quality board.

06 Sustainability and Dissemination

This WP is the last to be implemented, once there are substantive outcomes from the learning.

WP 6.1

Aurora Alliance Sustainability Plan

Creates the Aurora European University as a lasting institution as part of the European Education Area.

WP 6.2

Aurora Dissemination Plan

Contributes to active sharing of good practices and experiences with other institutions and networks.

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