Aurora partners are invited to the webinar series on Open Educational Resources starting December 14th. The series are meant to illustrate a strategic part of universities' improvement in the sector of Open Education. The OER group wants to sensibilize teaching staff and students for Open Educational Resources. It aims to raise awareness within Aurora universities of the many possibilities that Open Educational Resources offer. OER stimulates collaboration between teachers by reusing and remixing open materials. Students can participate in developing new and open educational resources.

In the webinars, the motto "content is king" will be used to emphasize the importance of free access to content, benefits, conditions of the creation and provision of learning materials. Grab this opportunity to learn more about Open Educational Resources. These webinars will be organized in December, January, February, and March. Check out the program for more information.

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Meeting-ID: 632 7666 4698

Password: 170896