04 Aurora Engaging Communities

Task 4.1 Aurora Co-Creation Practice

At the heart of all Aurora, initiatives lie its eagerness to learn from and with each other. Thus, co-creation, that is, the collaborative development of new value by experts and stakeholders together, forms a crucial part of our long term commitment


Co-creation is a form of collaborative innovation: ideas are shared, co-created and improved together, rather than developed and then kept to oneself. At the end of three years, the principle of co-creation between academics, students and external stakeholders in education, research and service to society will be firmly ingrained in Aurora's DNA. Aurora's DNA serves as a modus operandi in our local contexts, amongst ourselves, and our active outreach to other university alliances and universities across Europe. Our vision is to be recognised as a leading alliance for the breadth, depth and consistency of our students' engagement.

Universität Duisburg-Essen

The 4.1 Co-creation team targets academics and other staff to practice collaboration with students and external stakeholders in education, research and outreach at local, national and European level. The end goal is to make co-creation a generally accepted embedded practice with academics skilled in co-creation as a technique.

How we will get there

We will first open up existing co-creation training courses and then create a common training course built on commonly developed expertise and experience – exchanging good practice.

  • student

    The Aurora co-creation community was set up on December 1st.

  • academic

    Open exiting co-creation courses (at VUA and UP) to participants from the other Aurora members.

  • consultancy

    Conduct and publish a benchmark survey/analysis on current co-creation practice.

  • manual

    Develop and implement a joint blended training course on co-creation. Set up and launch a co-creation support service to assist in introducing co-creation practice.

  • consultancy

    Monitor the impact of co-creation on societal impact of education and research.

Task Team led by

Marjolein Zweekhorst - VUA

Prof. Veronika Glogareva - UP

Associate Members

This Workpackage is made up of 4 other strands:

Task 4.2 Aurora Research Platforms

To develop academic collaboration within Aurora towards the intra-Alliance optimum, enhancing cross-fertilisation between education and research.

Task 4.3 Aurora Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation

To develop Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation as a common field of expertise at Alliance level.

Task 4.4 Aurora Capacity Development Support

Narrow the quality gap in higher education & research for different parts of Europe by supporting universities in CE Europe and Neighbouring Countries in strengthening their capacity for academic excellence and societal relevance.

Task 4.5 Aurora Institute

Express and enhance the identity of the Aurora European University Alliance as and European institution in its own right, beyond the identity of the individual member universities of the Alliance.

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